Build Focus

Meditation practice to build focus
Bowind down to the sunset
Sound healing
Yoga practice to build focus
Pranyama practice
Meditation practice to build focus
Bowind down to the sunset
Sound healing
Yoga practice to build focus
Pranyama practice


In this modern day, with so many distractions around us, we are often diverted from important work. Building focus helps us to take the critical decisions of life and enhance our memory. It also helps to reduce the mental clutter and increase positive thinking.

  • 15 Days
  • 10
  • $299.00 USD
  • $399.00 USD

What to expect

Take better decisions
Stay on track to accomplish your goals
Build self-discipline
Learn effective communication


  • Understanding the importance of focus in daily life
  • Exploring the benefits of improved focus and concentration
  • Identifying common obstacles to focus
  • Introduction to mindfulness as a tool for building focus
  • Practicing mindfulness meditation techniques
  • Cultivating present-moment awareness
  • Strategies for managing external and internal distractions
  • Enhancing attention span and avoiding multitasking
  • The Pomodoro Technique and other time-management methods
  • Attention-shifting exercises and games
  • Memory training techniques to improve focus
  • Brain teasers and puzzles
  • Creating an optimal work environment for focus
  • Minimizing distractions and organizing workspace
  • The impact of technology on focus and strategies for managing it
  • The connection between physical health and mental focus
  • Exercise and its effects on focus and concentration
  • Nutrition tips for brain health and improved focus
  • Review of key focus-building techniques and strategies
  • Developing a personal focus plan
  • Goal-setting for ongoing improvement

Additional Resources

To enhance practical exercises and experiential learning get access

4 pre recorded Pranayama session
4 live Mindfulness/ Meditation session
4 live Yoga session

Our Testimonials


The strategies were extremely practical in real-life situations. The workshop helps you to understand yourself better.

- Kristina Fuller

I enjoyed the activities and the practical sessions a lot. It helped me to engage with the course.

- Chloe Breeze

This workshop gives an idea of the reality that we are in, in today’s fast-moving life. and helps us to handle stressful situations with awareness.

- Jessica Camano


Duration: 15 Days
Session: 10
Online Workshop: $299.00 USD
In-Person Workshop: $399.00 USD
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