Stress Management

Sound healing practice
Pranayama practice for stress management
Yoga practice
Sound healing practice to relive stress
Meditating to relieve stress
Sound healing practice
Pranayama practice for stress management
Yoga practice
Sound healing practice to relive stress
Meditating to relieve stress


Chronic stress may lead to several health issues like weak immune systems, low mood, and cardiovascular disorders. Maintain work-life balance by managing your stress through healthy lifestyle choices.

  • 15 Days
  • 10
  • $299.00 USD
  • $399.00 USD

What to expect

Prevent physical and emotional burnout
Increase self-esteem
Learn to take accountability
Build emotional resilience


  • Understanding stress: definition, types, and causes
  • Recognizing signs and symptoms of stress
  • The impact of stress on physical and mental health
  • How stress affects the body: physiological responses
  • The link between stress and chronic health conditions
  • Exploring the mind-body connection
  • Identifying negative thought patterns and cognitive distortions
  • Cognitive restructuring: changing negative thinking patterns
  • Techniques for promoting positive self-talk
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Guided imagery and visualization
  • Introduction to mindfulness meditation
  • The role of nutrition and exercise in stress management
  • Sleep hygiene and its impact on stress levels
  • Time management and prioritization techniques
  • Understanding emotions and their connection to stress
  • Strategies for emotional regulation
  • Cultivating gratitude and practicing self-compassion
  • The importance of social connections in stress management
  • Effective communication skills for reducing stress in relationships
  • Building and maintaining a support network
  • Common sources of workplace stress
  • Strategies for managing stress on the job
  • Setting boundaries and practicing self-care at work
  • Identifying stressors and developing problem-solving skills
  • Effective decision-making techniques
  • Goal-setting and action planning for stress reduction
  • Understanding resilience and its role in stress management
  • Building resilience through positive psychology techniques
  • Strategies for bouncing back from setbacks and adversity
  • Deepening mindfulness practice
  • Mindful eating and mindful movement
  • Applying mindfulness to daily life challenges
  • Review of key stress management techniques and strategies
  • Creating a personal stress management plan
  • Resources for ongoing support and growth

Our Testimonials


The sessions were very relaxing. The combination of theory and practical helped me to understand better

- Jurate Nume

This workshop helped me gain a lot of clarity on the stress mechanisms. Everyone must attend this workshop.

- Helene Duvivier

This workshop is definitely a turning point for me. The supportive environment was a bonus.

- Terez Lowry


Duration: 15 Days
Session: 10
Online Workshop: $299.00 USD
In-Person Workshop: $399.00 USD
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