Yoga For High Blood Pressure

6 Best Yoga Poses For High Blood Pressure

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Wondering Is Yoga Good For High Blood Pressure?

If Yes, then several studies show that yoga is good for high blood pressure. High blood pressure has no symptoms but puts you at several risks including heart disease and stroke. You should not ignore Hypertension. It may be because of family history, stress, smoking, obesity, poor diet, lifestyle, and more. According to the research of CDCP, nearly 50% of adults have high blood pressure and many people don’t even know it. It can put you at a higher risk of serious health conditions. There are various yoga for high blood pressure control.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet can control blood pressure numbers. Practicing yoga is also an additional advantage. Yoga is a method to stay fit and a safe method to control hypertension. Yoga involves asana practice and breathing in a fixed pattern that relieves stress. It enhances heart functioning and leaves a positive impact on your body. Here are some yoga poses for high blood pressure.


Yoga For High Blood Pressure

If you are wondering which yoga is good for high blood pressure, then we have included some yoga for high blood pressure with pictures to help you out.

Many research showed that those who practice yoga 3 times a week have experienced a significant reduction in blood pressure levels compared to those who don’t. Practicing meditation and breathwork also has a significant impact on high blood pressure. Yoga increases the flexibility of arteries and as a result, less pressure will be required for blood flow. 

Talk to your doctor before practicing yoga if you have some medical conditions. You must avoid certain yoga poses in some cases. Pay attention to your blood pressure levels and how it responds to yoga practices. 


Top 6 Yoga Poses For High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is calculated by the force the heart exerts from blood vessels. When your heart is healthy, then less force is required. Here are the top 6 yoga for high blood pressure with pictures. These yoga are best for reducing high blood pressure:


Balasana (Child Pose)
Yoga Poses For High Blood Pressure( Child pose)

Balasana or Child’s pose gives your body and mind to calm and relax. It opens the hips and spine movements. It relieves you from stress and improves blood circulation. Performing this asana with controlled breathing reduces stress from your body, neck, and shoulders, and promotes calmness. 

Follow these steps to perform Balasana:

  1. Firstly, bring together your big toes from your hands to your knees.

  2. Slightly widen your legs and sit on your hips.

  3. Extend your arms forward while exhaling.

  4. Ensure that the outer ribs are resting on the inner thighs.

  5. Then, remain in the resting position alongside the body.

  6. Elongate your spine and tuck your chin in to lengthen your neck.

  7. After that, place your forehead on the floor.

  8. Inhale deeply and feel the ribcage expanding to your thighs.

  9. Exhale while relaxing your body on the floor.

  10. Finally, maintain the same position for 1 to 3 minutes.


Savasana (Corpse Pose)
Yoga Poses For High Blood Pressure( Savasana)

A fast-paced and high-pressure lifestyle leads to a hectic life. It leads to high blood pressure. You need to slow down and relax your entire body. The Savasana is a resting pose that is important to be at peace and be still. In short, the Corpse Pose or Savasana is for relaxation. This pose is the easiest pose to control blood pressure. It reduces insomnia, fatigue, and headache, relaxes your body, relieves stress, and calms your brain. The Savasana pose takes practice for relaxation. Corpse Pose controls these factors to lower the blood pressure numbers. 

Follow these steps to perform Savasana or Corpse Pose:

  1. Firstly, place the yoga mat on the floor.

  2. Then, lie down while keeping your legs straight. Rest your arms along the body.

  3. Tuck down the shoulder blades underneath.

  4. After that, relax your feet and legs.

  5. Relax your spine and feel the length of your spine.

  6. Maintain this relaxing position for at least 10 to 20 minutes.

  7. Allow more time to truly relax your mind and body.


Sukhasana (Easy Pose)
Yoga Poses For High Blood Pressure (Easy Pose)

Sukhasana Or Easy Pose regulates breathing and gives you relief by reducing stress and promoting a peaceful mind. The pose will help you to stretch your neck and back. In simple words, it improves your body posture and maintains blood pressure levels. The pose is best for meditation and promotes inner calm. You can also place a folded blanket under your hip bones and knees.

Follow these steps to perform to perform Sukhasana:

  1. Start with the seated position and place your hips on the floor.

  2. Then, cross your legs and place your feet below the knees.

  3. Place your hands on your knees and ensure that the palms are facing downwards.

  4. After that, lengthen your spine and drop down the shoulders.

  5. Push your chest forward and relax your belly, jaw, and face.

  6. Keep your tongue just behind the teeth.

  7. Finally, take a deep breath and hold as long as you feel comfortable.


Seated Forward Bend Pose
Seated Forward Bend Pose

The seated forward bend pose keeps your nervous system invigorated, organs healthy, and the spine elastic. It also maintains blood circulation toward the head to relieve anxiety and stress. This pose is very calming and you will need some pillow to stick your thighs and place your forehead on it.

Follow these steps to perform the Seated Forward Bend Pose:

  1. Keep your legs in front of you and sit in this position.

  2. Keep your heels away from the body and sit up in a straight position.

  3. Inhale and bend forward while exhaling. 

  4. Then, keep your spine straight and torso long.

  5. Reach as far as your hands could go.

  6. After that, hold your feet with your hands.

  7. If you are not able to grab them, hold them on your knees.

  8. Finally, rest on this position for one to three minutes.


Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)
Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose Or Bhujangasana is very helpful in circulating oxygen and blood to your entire upper body. It promotes heart health and relieves stress. You will be able to notice changes in your body like improved flexibility and more. Bhujangasana is also beneficial for asthma patients. 

Follow these steps to perform Bhujangasana:

  1. Firstly, lie down on the floor facing downward.

  2. Put your hand beside the ribs.

  3. Place the palms on the ground under your shoulders.

  4. Then, bend your elbows straight back.

  5. Stop for a moment and keep your neck in a neutral position.

  6. Inhale and lift your chest upward while keeping low ribs on the floor.

  7. Ensure that your elbows are touching the sides.

  8. Look upward and maintain the same position for a few seconds.

  9. Finally, exhale and release from the pose.


Bridge Pose
Bridge Pose

This pose helps you regulate blood pressure by alleviating stress and calming the brain. Bridge pose is also good for mild depression, anxiety, headache, fatigue, menstrual pain, lungs, and abdominal organs. 

Follow these steps to perform the Bridge pose:

  1. First of all, Place your feet on the floor, bend your knees, and lie on your back.

  2. Keep your palm flat on the ground and extend your arm.

  3. Lift your hips toward the ceiling and keep your feet and arms on the ground.

  4. Then, hold your buttocks off the floor and exhale.

  5. Place your shoulders underneath your body.

  6. Clasp your hand and straighten your arms.

  7. After that, try to reach your knuckles toward your heels.

  8. Ensure that your feet and thighs are parallel.

  9. Spread your body weight on both feet and shoulders.

  10. Stretch your tailbone toward the knees.

  11. Then, hold the position for a few minutes.

  12. Finally, exhale and slowly roll your body on the floor.



You must not ignore high blood pressure levels and consult a doctor. Yoga is beneficial for your overall health and your body. You can try above mentioned Yoga For High Blood Pressure controls. End your yoga practice with meditation. It will help you gradually drop blood pressure and improve your breathing rate.

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